MCRF Trail Trams


The trail tram tour program first began as a resource to allow opportunities for those who would otherwise not be able to get out in to the fresh air, see beautiful scenery as autumn leaves turn along the trail, and to learn the history of the trail from the drivers and tour guides. The program has grown today from 1 trail tram and 1 volunteer driver to 4 trail trams and 7 volunteer drivers with consistent reservations.   

Trail Tram Tours take place from May to October on the Mahaska Community Recreation Trail. The trail is currently over 12 miles around Oskaloosa with future plans of expansion. Tours start at the Lacey Recreation Complex (2055 238th Street) in the Little League parking lot. With MCRF running 4 trams a maximum tour capability of 28 people is available. To enjoy this 2 hour, scenic and unique venture please fill in the information below and MCRF will be in contact with you. 

For availability on the MCRF Trail Tram tour please click Here


In 2010 the first of 4 club car shuttles was donated and so began MCRF’s trail tram program. Dedicated volunteer, Charles Argo, coordinated with local nursing homes and assisted living facilities in Oskaloosa. Using the 7 passenger tram mobile residents were able to experience the trail as never before.

In 2011 the trail tram tour project expanded with a purchase of the blue 1937 Ford with an ooga horn. With the additional tram MCRF opened the program to the public. Over 60 tours were given by volunteer drivers: Charles Argo, Rex Blom and Martha Drost.

The program continued to expand in 2012 when the red 1931 Model T tram was added and 3 additional volunteer drivers: Joe Bates, Jane Kauzlarich and Jake Roberts came on board. This allowed MCRF to double the tours offered in the previous year.

In 2013 the Military tram with red, white and blue seats was added as the newest addition to the program. The program continues to see growth and make tours available to more and more friends and neighbors with each new season.